Friday, November 28

Thanksgiving Turk.... Hawks !

The Raptors started this game on the right foot but end it on the left foot...almost . If not for the misses by the Hawks in the waning minutes of the contest, the result would had been like the New Jersey game. ' Toronto failed to put the game away with ill adviced shots by Bosh and Calderon ' said Dominique Wilkins , the basketball Analyst for Hawks TV. Sam called a timeout after Altanta cut down the lead to 3 points . If CB4 wants to be the MVP this season as reported in the papers , he got to use his head. Talking about head , Bosh was guarded in this game by heady player. No , I'm not saying that the Hawk center, Zsa Pachulia , is brainy but his head is HUGE. He has a huge game also hauling down 17 rebounds. But in the end , it was Bosh shining with 30 points. I wonder if Chris is serious when he said that he wants to be the MVP of the league this season. Bosh , MVP ? No way , man . Not with the Raps' record and not with guys named James and Kobe still around. Somebody should tell Chris that he must show up in games vs. KG , Sheed and the like before he considers himself legit MVP material. Right now , Bosh should be satisfied just being the MVP ....of the Raptors !
In the game tonight , 'Nique also criticized Jamario Moon for not taking advantage of the mismatch between him and 6'0'' Bibby . Jamario opted several times to shoot from the outside than drive to the basket or post his much smaller guard. One can say that the high leapin' Raptor is not exactly SuperjaMario. Thank God for Joey Graham who for the 2nd straight game earned his paycheck. One other Raptor who showed up in this game was Jason Kapono. The NBA's 3 Pt. King certainly earned his being married to a beautiful wife ! This is the kind of game the TO crowd will love . Tight but the Raps prevailed in the end. It will entice hockey mad Canadians to look forward to more NBA game especially now that the Maple Leafs suck. .. as usual. The Leafs loss is the Raptors' gain ! The stock market is on 5 day winning streak and the Raps on a 2 game winning streak . GM lives another day and Sam lives another game. Life is good ! Well , at least until this weekend when the Raps meet the Lakers !


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Bosh is a damn great player, I love him, but he is nowhere near MVP. Not with how the Raptors have been getting blown our lately. Btw, my site has moved to

Didn't know how to contact you any other way so sorry to have to say it in the comments :p

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