Friday, July 25

Walk The Talk . Better Still STFU !

Ha , ha , ha . Can't get enuff of the Leo Rautins' Canada national team (mis)adventure. The 'know it all' of basketball this side of town was a big flop as a national basketball coach, Rautin's boys disfintegrated before the qualifying tournament for the Beijing Olympics even finished. The 2 main recruits by Leo , 76er Sam Dalembert and NCAA standout , Juan Mendez , left the team in not so good terms. Expect rantings when the Raptors play the Sixers next season. Rautins will not let his 'personal feelings' aside when describing Dalembert's play on the court. When last season, Sam D. cannot seem do anything wrong (because Leo was still courting Sam to join the national team) when describing the Canadian convert's actions on the court , Raptors TV watchers now will think they are listening to Rush Limbaugh !. Whereas Sam D. was treated by the Raps TV Analyst Rautins before like Obama is being handled by mainstream US media, he now joins traitor Vince and long time national team deserter Jamal Magliore in the Leo's hate list. In other words , Leo Rautins is now Leo Rantings !
Leo's embarasment will extend tonight when Kobe , Melo, DWade , CP3 and Co. ose 4 are one name players better known by their nicknames or known by their initialsare expected to toy with his no name players. Quick test , name me the 1st 5 of the Canadian men's basketball team ? Uhh,h hmmm , aah ? How about Nito , JD , NLess and X3 ! These names are one name handles. too. Cool and easy to remember. Nito is Incognito , JD is John Doe and NLess is Nameless and X3 is player X wearing jersey no.3 !


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